• Riveroll Gundogs

    Charlotte Webb

    Member of The Guild Of Dog Trainers

    Based in Perthshire, Scotland.

  • Training gundogs for work and home life

    Helping you to train your dog

    Charlotte is a great believer that a dog can only be as good as the handler. By teaching you to understand your dog you will be able to work together.

    Training for fun?

    Every part of training should be for fun, if you don't enjoy it you're doing it wrong. 

    Equally the dogs should be enjoying it too. 

    Pet or working dog, it doesn't matter

    As much as Charlotte enjoys working her team of dogs on several shoots, she gets just as much enjoyment from seeing pet dogs interacting with owners in a way that the dog understands.

    Gundog training is all about interacting with your dog, whether it be in the local park or on a shoot.

    1-1 Training

    1-1 training is offered from your home. With spaces weekly in Perthshire and monthly in Hertfordshire.

    We will head out on a walk, this way we can cover any problems you may encounter with recall, other dogs etc.

    We will also add some gundog training along the way, showing you how you can interact with your dog and teach them on your daily walks.

    Each session is approx 60 mins.

    Preparation for the field

    Having been beating and picking up for 10+ years and being the partner of a gamekeeper,  Charlotte can prepare you for your first days in the field with your dog. 


    From fun scurries to tests and trials. 


    Occasional classes will be running in Hertfordshire. The aim of these classes is to cover hunting, jumping and water work with advanced dogs combining all 3 for some tricky retrieves and novice dogs learning to tackle each element individually.

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